Monday, 26 March 2012

Shake It Out

Okay so I lied, I am starting the ABC Diet again. I really didn't want to but I've been so shit that when I looked at my progress all it said was

And so on...

So yeah now today is day one. I always take advantage of the 500 calorie days and have cereal for breakfast, which makes me feel incredibly guilty but it's all I've eaten and all I'm going to eat for the rest of today is fruit and vegetables :) I'm also super happy because my mum got me a 30 day free pass for her gym, so starting Thursday I can do hours of exercise almost every day! :D I think it'll benefit me a lot more than doing cardio in my cramped bedroom aha. So yeah, bye bye fat! Let's get me down to a size 6 (uk) for the party I'm going to in a month! :)

The outfit I'm planning on wearing to the party but with different kind of black heels and a long black pendant necklace ^-^ I'm looking forward to wearing a crop top without feeling disgusting!

Englishrose: I know they're so good! :) I saw them at the O2 last year, it was epic! I don't know if I'll ever tell him about having an ed to be honest :/ I just feel like he'd instantly try to stop me and make things too difficult. Good I'm glad you've got your motivation back! :) We'll both stay strong ^-^ Okay thank you :) My email's under the 'contact me' bit on my page :) x

"Tonight I'm gonna' bury that horse in the ground, 'cause I like to keep my issues drawn. It's always darkest before the dawn. Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out."

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