Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Party All Night

I cant seem to pull myself out of this D: I've been yoyo-ing so much it's driving me crazy! Some days I'll practically have my mouth zipped shut and then other days it becomes a vacuum and inhales everything it can find. I've not really been posting too often and haven't really done much on Facebook so I'm sorry for that.
I've been having fun though, I feel like I've actually had a social life for once the last few days. The negative side to it is that my social life consists of alcohol and drugs lately - leading me to think fuck it and just eat everything, and there's the hangover food aaaand the munchies from weed aaaaaaaaaaand the calories from alcohol. FUCK. But it's hard to care half as much when you're enjoying yourself, I had fun at Bluewater with SB and LG on Friday, and then that night LG and AB (An old romantic interest but always has been and still is one of my closest friends) came over and we had quite a bit to drink and had a laugh. Theeen on Saturday night AR and DB (From Christmas Eve) invited me out to a party in a field, so we partied there getting high and drunk around a massive fire with people, that was great :) And last night They invited me out again and we got sooooooooooooooooo high and drove around (naughty us) banging out tunes in the car ;) I need to calm down a bit. But ... not just yet ;D

Hope you're not too disappointed in me my darlings! I'm very disappointed with my eating, but the alcohol and drugs? Hey we're teenagers, we have to mess around with this stuff while we can :P Pretty sure there's still a percentage of weed in my system right now too... aha.

Emma - Oh my god how amazing would a cupcake like that be?! :) That's so sweet of you! And thank you for following me ^-^ Hope you're doing well! x

Stillimagining - Thank you! :) You always motivate me! :D I also hope that you're doing well too! x

"We like to sleep all day and party all night, this is how we like to live our life. I've got a feeling everything is gonna' be alright! So come on, come on, come on...let's party tonight."

Even though she has upsetting moments in this video, I would LOVE IT if my life was like this! :D

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