Friday, 13 January 2012


So thanks to Emma from Emma - The Lonely Flower (a blog I adore) I now have a Facebook account for thinspiration and so on :) This can be for possibly progress photos, progress or other status updates, sharing support for each other, having conversations to share support or simply just chat :) I love the idea so I hope that you wonderful people like it too and add me :)

I'm assuming this link will work:
If not the email is, the name is Erin Dyingtobethin and the profile picture is the same as on here :)

I'm feeling positive! Almost back to my LW, my sleep pattern's improving - for now, and today I'm going to Bluewater (pretty much the biggest shopping center in England conveniently a 45 minute drive from me) with LG and SB like old times! :) <3
I'll try for a bigger and better post the next time I have something more interesting to say!
Stay strong my beautiful people <3

"We have choices to make, we have promises that we can't break. There is nothing left to lose, so hold onto me, I'll hold onto you."

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  1. Awww <3 You're so sweet, like a 0-calorie cupcake (it's a dream of mine ^_^ <3). Your icing is decorated with baby pink and white heart-shaped sprinkles and your wrapper has kitty-cats all over it. I love this image, <3
    I'm so glad your doing good. I hope you're shopping day with friends goes amazingly :)
    Stay strong <3

  2. Have fun w/ ur friends!!! and keep it up! Ull definitely reach ur goals<3