Sunday, 18 December 2011

Natural Disaster

Asodja: Thank you I'm glad you like it! :) I use 'Adobe Flash 8' which you have to buy but I got someone to illegally download it for me a few years ago (hehe) But if you just practice making simple things you'll get used to the tools and techniques :) I saved the first thing I ever made and it looked terrible when I looked at it on Friday! haha! So it might take a while but good luck! :)
Stillimagining: Thank you! It was certainly...interesting haha

So yeah...prettttttttyyyyyy sure I jinxed it. Of course, as hard as I tried, I didn't stick to fasting. I technically did all day, all I had was water and then the alcohol, but it got to 1am and I was wasted and I decided to eat a packet of 5 thin slices of ham...ham?! Why?! And since then it's all gone down hill, I had an energy drink ironically called Recovery to wake me up after my three hours of sleep and so much chocolate yesterday. *Sigh*

Now the party. The god damn party. The positives at the start were that I got told I looked beautiful by AB (an old fling but still a great friend), and until about 10pm I had a blast. We took funny pictures, we were all getting drunk and dancing, playing drinking games and I was really enjoying it. But it really started getting out of hand. The bastards started PLAYING WITH STEAK KNIVES! taking all of our things in the house and hiding them in places I couldn't get to them, they broke a door, spilt like a million drinks, got wet mud everywhere, someone peed all over the bathroom!!! a couple I trusted had sex in my toilet, people slept in my mums room when no one was allowed in there, some one went through my drawers (almost found my meds!!) they made the house look like I'd be robbed and were talking to me like dicks. I. had. enough. I gave in after trying and silently went upstairs to my room, closed the door and watched TV while drinking. I was so upset. The beautiful SB was the first to check on me, I love her. She was so wasted but still was desperate to make things okay and be there for me, she had a long talk with me and went downstairs and tried to get everyone in line (didn't work as I thought) and kept everyone but LG out of my room. So from about 10pm or so I stayed in my room until I went to sleep at about 3am. But that was pretty much the best part of it. (more soon).

When I got up a few friends like MS, LE and AR (surprisingly all guys) had attempted to clean up a little, and I showed my appreciation but then nicely said to everyone to get the fuck out. Where I then spent the next 3 hours trying to clean. Thank god my mum was in a good mood and thank god I'm pretty good at fixing these things. WHAT A DISASTER. NEVER AGAIN .... probably.

I want to talk about LG but this is a huge post already so I'm going to split it. I can't believe how much I've got to say! Haha. And I haven't weighed myself, after the weight from drinking, the ham and the chocolate I'm terrified to. But I did look in the mirror and for some reason, my thighs don't touch any more. I cried with happiness.

"We should be happy ever after, happiness and laughter. What a natural disaster."

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