Friday, 16 December 2011

Beautiful Day

I don't want to jinx anything but things are so amazing today! :D First of all, I have a new follower, and I'd like to say welcome! :) Looks like I'm getting followers every few months aha *sigh* it'd be so nice to have tons. Second of all, I'm soooooo freakin' close to my second GW! :D and third of all, I'm having a party at my house tonight! :D WOO.

Today's a fasting day, which I'm going to completely stick to but of course I will be drinking tonight, but if I don't eat fuck it, it still counts xD I'm so excited! in less than nine hours I can be dressed up, playing loud music, drinking my ass off, dancing, chatting, laughing and playing lots of drinking games! :D I hope it goes well! At the moment the worst I'm thinking could happen is 1. the christmas tree being knocked over (tree destroyed, water everywhere) 2. someone throwing up anywhere other than a sink or toilet 3. some massive argument or accident happening 4. some big uncontrollable thing fucking up like a power cut or the snow settling! (no way of people getting here)

BUT. POSITIVE THOUGHTS. Ahhh! I love parties and I love LG at parties (this time I WILL NOT tell him more about my damn feelings) when he gets completely fucked up hehe. BRING ON THE WEEKEND BITCHES!

"It's a beautiful day! Don't let it get away!"

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