Monday, 21 November 2011

Looking Up

Another 2lb lost! :) I'm hoping within the next two days another pound will be gone and I'll be 2 away from my first GW! :D Especially after today which is my 100 calories day on the ABC Diet and I've had an hour and a half of exhausting exercise. I'm so tired, weak and shaky, but I feel amazing :) I know that when I feel like this I'm doing well and feel so proud :)

I think what's making me do so much better recently is having a plan, I already have the ABC Diet recorded, a food diary and an exercise diary, and now I've got a food plan. This way I know exactly what I'm going to have every day and when. It really works! :) It's so nice to feel happy again, life's still crap, but when I have Ana by my side, the world seems so bright.

"I'd never trade it in 'cause I've always wanted this! It's not a dream anymore! No, it's not a dream anymore! It's worth fighting for."

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