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Out of boredom and a lot of thought about it in my day dreams, I decided to create a post about my top ten girl/guy celebrity crushes xD God I need a life. But the blogs I read are often sad, 100% about ana and super serious, so I thought I should do a light-hearted post :) Enjoy my crushes!...

Both girls & guys are in order of favourites from 1-10 :) (obviously 1 being the favourite)


1. Jessica Stroup

90210's most gorgeous girl! Actually a little obsessed with her ;) Ugh! <3

2. Pixie Lott

Amazing British singer, almost all of our guys like her, they're not the only ones!

3. Mila Kunis

Could those eyes be more amazing? You'd be crazy not to be into her

4. Ashlee Simpson

I have to admit, I was never interested before the nose job, but she's just so beautiful now! Lucky Pete Wentz! Give her to me! xD

5. Katy Perry

Ugh it was so hard putting her at number 5! I adore her! I could look at her for hours! Feeling like a freak writing this...oh well <3

6. Frankie Sandford

Another British singer, this time from a group. There's just something about her that appeals to me, and her eyes and smile are stunning! Nommmm

7. Hayley Williams

A typical crush that loads of people have, but come on, who can resist? I mean, it's her! Doesn't get cuter!

8. Ellie Goulding

I have to admit, even though these crushes are based on looks (but I do love more than just looks about loads of them) a lot of my attraction towards this British singer comes from her voice. But she's beautiful too!

9. Kaya Scoldelario:

An actress from the British 'Skins'. She's so beautifully thin and uniquely gorgeous <3

10. Jessica Alba

I think her smile could make anyone weak, it's so soft! She's always been so stunning to me


1. Matt Lanter

And 90210's most gorgeous guy ;D Dear god he makes me melt! Aha thank you 90210 for giving me the 2 most amazing people ever!

2. Mitch Hewer

Another actor from Skins, but the 1st & 2nd series. I've had a crush on him for countless years! He's such a pretty boy! xD Ah! <3

3. Wentworth Miller

Apparently he's like nearly 40...he looks so young!! I swear my heart hurt throughout all of Prison Break watching him! Lol!

4. Enrique Inglesias

Ooft his sexy voice and smouldering looks. 'Nuff said. ;) Aha

5. Andrew Garfield

After first seeing his gorgeous face in The Social Network I had a crush on him instantly! Can't wait to watch him in a tight Spider-man outfit ;D

6. Luke Pasqualino

And yet another Skins cast member lol! we all loved him it was difficult not to adore the character he played and his incredible smile!

7. Example

Quite an odd crush, but he's gotten better looking recently and I can't help but be so attracted to him! xD

8. Ryan Reynolds

He's so cute! Another person I could look at for hours :) And the body ;)

9. Ashton Kutcher

He never gets old xD I swear he seems like he's been the same age forever! And he always seems to get better looking!

10. Drew Fuller

This is more of a gap filler to be perfectly honest :L He's more of an ex or old crush, but I still find him attractive :)

"Old teenage hopes are alive at your door, left you with nothing but they want some more."

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