Thursday, 11 August 2011

We Cry

So three things are currently fucked.
1. My computer. a.k.a My life. After something to do with the power dying I can no longer use it until I have it fixed. At least I have my mums' laptop as a substitute, or my life would pretty much have no purpose. Note to self, delete blog & thinspiration history after use.
2. My sleep pattern. It's slowly edged its way round the clock until now I'm finding myself still awake watching T4 at 7am. So I either get practically no sleep, or wake up in the evening after finally falling asleep in the morning. Terrific. 
3. My social life. I'm pretty certain I'm going stir crazy. I leave the house once or twice a week for a social gathering - which is always shit anyway. Other than that I have a very small amount of friends with a very small amount of eagerness to see me.

So as I sit here feeling sorry for myself, writing yet another pointless blog after not long waking up, sitting on my mums' laptop and staring at my textless phone I think... When am I going to start enjoying life again?

"At some point every rose has to die."

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