Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Under Pressure

Weddings are a bitch. I had a lot of fun, really enjoyed it, and felt like I actually looked okay. But I ate. A lot. I knew I would, I told myself I'd try not to, but I gave in to the temptation and pressure so easily. And since then I can't seem to get properly back on track, nothing seems to be triggering it. Fuuuuck. But I can do it, I always get back to normal in the end. 

My life is quite boring really. I haven't felt the need to post in a while because of it. The wedding was the most interesting thing I was involved with for ages! Oh well maybe my social life will pick up a bit more soon. Anyway I'm happy with the changes and additions to my blog :) I hope anyone that actually looks at this is too! :)

"Pray tomorrow gets me higher"

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