Tuesday, 16 August 2011

She's Always A Woman To Me

Thinking of having a bit of reboot with my blog. I can't imagine it appears that exciting just reading someone's thoughts non stop. I'm coming up with a few ways to making it slightly more presentable and interesting :)

I feel like I want to try the ABC diet, apparently it's effective and a lot of anas are doing it. I tried it once before a while back, and struggled with keeping the calories low so much that I seemed to binge more than I did before the diet so I stopped. Now I feel like I wouldn't be able to do it because some of the days are like 500 calories and I never have that much anymore. It's a good sign of how much better I'm doing at least, and I know I can have less than that and still be doing the diet, but maybe it wouldn't be as effective? I plan to look into it more, but I think it could help with keeping me in control. I love the idea of having a few days fasting too, I'd feel so proud! Although I've technically done that today :)

Induction for my new job tomorrow. Ahh terrified! I have to get up super early, which is terrible with my insomnia, I have to spend the whole day around food, I have to be on my feet for 6 hours straight which I'm not used to, especially with no food in me, maybe an apple to keep me going? And I have to be a brilliant worker...I haven't had a job since Christmas so I'm out practice :S

Fucking nerves!

"And she only reveals what she wants you to see, she hides like a child but she's always a woman to me."

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