Monday, 8 August 2011

My Favourite Things

I've had a weird overwhelming urge to bake for about a month. I've always loved it, and always been at least average at it. But I haven't done so lately as I see myself binging on insanely unhealthy cookies etc. But after about an hour of research I've found a ton of low calorie, low fat treats for me to make, but I don't even want to eat what I make, I just want to make it. Maybe I should invest in play dough...
I've found myself with more motivation to eat well today especially; I'm going to a wedding soon, and found the most gorgeous, fashionable (being a complete addict of fashion) dress ever, it arrived today and fits me so well and looks amazing, too good for me to be honest. But I have to remain the right size for it, so it's excellent motivation to not binge.
I remember when food was never a huge factor in my life. Now everything revolves around food. I hate it to be honest. I'm such a different person now days in quite an indescribable way, but I can feel it. I do miss the old me, but I can't pull myself out of this, and I never want to put on weight. I guess this is me now.

"Silver white winters that melt into springs"

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