Saturday, 13 August 2011

Brick By Boring Brick

I've had the realisation today that I have to start looking at other blogs and thinspiration websites and pictures every day. I normally look at them every other day, some times not even that, but when I do, I often end up in tears over the fact I feel not even nearly as thin as I want to. I also feel a huge amount of inspiration and motivation to be thinner, and to not binge and to exercise instantly. So clearly doing this every day is at least one of the ways forward to stop myself from binging - constantly a big problem, and to keep myself in the right mind set to be thin.
Yesterday was a good day (if you look at food diary sixteen) but having so little left me with no energy to exercise, I clearly need to work my way down more before I can come close to that all the time. It doesn't help that I'm suffering with insomnia and feel tired 24/7, stopping me from exercising and fucking with my appetite. Why does there have to be so many obstacles.

But fuck the obstacles. Fuck the problems. I want to be thin. I can be thin. I will be thin.

"She lives in a fairytale somewhere too far for us to find."

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