Monday, 18 July 2011


For once, things feel like they're going okay :) I've gained control over my eating again, I'm no longer binging and making stupid decisions, I'm back on track with ana. I also seem to be having a romance. Which is insane, the last 'romance' I had was with my ex which finished in January, it feels like a lifetime since someone's been sincerely interested in me. AB and I have been friends for years, and in the past year have sort of liked each other now and again, and have had drunken moments together, but he came over yesterday and stayed until late and we had an adorable time cuddling and kissing (feel free to vomit), and I got called beautiful. Maybe it was a really vivid dream? Sort of actually happy, this cant be right? Ana's on track and I'm happy 'seeing' a great guy that thinks I'm beautiful. Yep definitely dreaming. I'll just have to count down the days until it turns into a nightmare eh?

"Well how's your view of thing today?"

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